Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Live Interviews from April 2013 hopsSquatch

Watch some excellent live interviews done by Jeffrey Kelly of the Squatcher's Lounge. Special thanks goes out Phil Poling of ParaBreakdown for being the man on the scene.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thank You HopsSquatch Sponsors!!

We are proud Brewhouse Comics, Off The Charts Games and Pendleton Home Store
 are among the first sponsors of hopsSquatch
Fans, we really need your help to reciprocate kindness bestowed upon us. All you have to do is visit the websites and Facebook pages of our sponsors. Each of these sponsors have plenty of opportunities to support other event and causes, and we appreciate they chose hopsSquatch. In alphabetical order here is a brief blurb about our sponsor and links to their websites and facebook pages.

Brewhouse is an independent comic book publisher and takes its name from the public houses of old, where the emphasis was on good drink, good company and great stories. Focusing on craft, Brewhouse aims to take that philosophy into the comic book world one story at a time.

Brewhouse publishes the title Bigfoot - Sword of the Earthman a sci-fi story of our hirsute hero on Mars. Imagine Conan the Barbarian played by Sasquatch on Mars. It is wonderful! 5 signed copies will be available for raffle at hopsSquatch!
Visit BrewHouse Comics | Like Bigfoot - Sword of the Earthman on Facebook

Off The Charts Games is a board game store that has a huge selection of euro games, strategy games, family games, chess sets, and puzzles. Off The Charts has the best selection and variety of table top games.

Along with a sponsorship, Off the Charts Games has donated two Sasquatch-themed games Yetisburg, an american civil war game with Yetis at your command and Flapjacks, where you are a lumberjack that is powered by pancakes and avoiding Bigfoot.

Pendleton is an american classic brand. The blankets are instantly recognizable and seen in the photos of most of your Bigfoot books. Flip to the page that portrays Tsonoqua and you will see a Native American blanketed in a Pendleton. In one Chris Murphy's book you can see one draped in a Glacier Park blanket. We will have some Glacier Park-themed items for raffle at HopsSquatch. When you are in Portland, Oregon make sure you visit 210 NW Broadway.
Visit Pendleton Home StoreLike The Pendleton Home Store Facebook Page

HopsSquatch is all about listening and giving back, so please visit these websites and Facebook pages and show these great sponsors some reciprocal hopsSquatch love.

And a special big thanks to all you fans!

Guy Edwards

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cliff Barackman Debuts His First DVD at hopSquatch!

DVD cover art for Cliff Barackman's "Bigfoot Roadtrip" (Click to enlarge)
We are extremely excited that Cliff Barackman's new independent DVD is complete and will get it's first public debut at hopsSquatch. HopsSquatch is a monthly Bigfoot speaker series hosted by Bigfoot Lunch Club in Portland, Oregon. Previously, Cliff's DVD has only been screened at the Olympic Project Expedition hosted by Derek Randles and Ridge Walkers Unlimited.

If you got tickets to hopsSquatch, Bigfoot Lunch Club's monthly speaker event, you are in luck! You get first dibs on Cliff Barackman's first DVD documentary Bigfoot Roadtrip. Many of you know Cliff Barackman from Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot, well, in this DVD you will get to meet a more candid, spontaneous Cliff.

This is the DVD description on the back cover:
Cliff Barackman isn’t your average bigfooter. When he’s not at his job spending  days and nights looking for Sasquatch on Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot, you’ll find him on vacation—spending  days and nights looking for Sasquatch!  He may not have a helicopter or a dozen crew members but he does have the gear, the skills and a wacky camera buddy named Craig Flipy to take us on a bigfooting adventure like no other!
From the wilds of the Pacific Northwest to the laboratory of Jeff Meldrum, get ready to make new discoveries and uncover new evidence on the bigfooting adventure of a lifetime. New cast data, testimonies and never before seen photos, interviews and field research are all scheduled stops on this Bigfoot Roadtrip!
You'll notice Craig Flipy is mentioned as well, he is the camera man, editor and jack of all traits in this DVD extravaganza. If you have seen at any Craig Flipy's "after the show" interviews (watch Craig Flipy interviews) you get a sense for the tone of this DVD.

hopsSquatch would like to thank our April sponsors Pendleton Woolen Mills Home Store and Off The Charts Games.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Preview New Movie at April hopsSquatch Event

Bigfoot Lunch Club is proud to announce the debut of a new Bigfoot documentary that will be screened exclusively at BLC's new Bigfoot speaker series, HopsSquatch.

Along with Cliff Barackman headlining the main event, we have the distinct honor of screening a 10-minute teaser of  Dead Bigfoot: A True Story by Ro Sahebi. Fans, we are in for a treat! Mr. Sahebi has a distinctive pace and a way of storytelling that is so engaging, you won't have time to realize your being entertained and informed at the same time. You really don't have to take our word for it you can watch his previous  Extinct? Short Documentaries

Get the details below and watch the suspenseful DEAD BIGFOOT trailer exclusive to Bigfoot Lunch Club.


In October of 2010, 2 young hunters shot a 7 foot tall animal they could not identify. It stood upright and walked like a man. Dead Bigfoot: A True Story, chronicles the events that followed the shooting in an attempt to learn more about the hunters involved and the alleged creature they shot.

About Ro Sahebi

Ro Sahebi is a multimedia professional from the Los Angeles area and editor of theBigfootReport.com. He quickly made a name for himself as the producer and creator of the EXTINCT? Podcast and web series. The podcast hit the number one "New and Noteworthy" position in the iTunes Natural Science section shortly after its launch.
After interviewing Justin Smeja for the movie "I Killed Bigfoot", he initiated the documented polygraph exam featured in the short film," The Examination" which lead to the feature film "Dead Bigfoot: A True Story" due on pay-per-view SUMMER 2013. His background as a musician and filmmaker brings a fresh perspective to the field, delivering quality professional content rarely seen in the Bigfoot community.