Monday, May 5, 2014

Olympic Project Bigfoot Expeditions: Predicting Bigfoot

Derek Randles and his Team will Talk about Efforts to Predict Bigfoot Behavior
You have seen Derek, his Olympic Project team, and research area on all the major Bigfoot TV shows and specials; MonsterQuest, Finding Bigfoot and most recently on the National Geographic and BBC special regarding Bigfoot DNA. Dr. Jeff Meldrum has recently announced the Olympic Project's team upcoming participation with the History Channel.

Sunday, MAy 18th
TIME: 12:30-3:00
WHERE: NW Quimby Lucky Lab  | 1945 NW Quimby St. Portland, OR 97209
WHO: Derek Randles and the Olympic Project Team

Don't miss this chance to see how great leadership, cooperation and organization (a rare commodity in Bigfoot circles) produces the best outcomes in Bigfoot research. The theme of the Olympic Project is predicting sasquatch, check out how they have making efforts towards this goal.

Derek and his Olympic Project team has some of the best documented research in North America. The center of Olympic Project research was picked for the diversity of landscape and the hotbed of several quality sightings. 

With dozens of game cams, audio recordings, advanced audio analysis by David Ellis, not to mention an active team, there will be plenty of potential evidence for Derek and his team to share.