Monday, April 7, 2014

Memory Recall With Bigfoot Witnesses: Ultra Depth Hypnosis

Doug Meacham is a certified hypnosis and these are actual sketches from the hypnosis recall
Doug is only 1 of 11 Hypnotist trained in the United States for Ultra Depth Hypnosis and the only one certified and registered to practice Ultra Depth in Washington and Oregon.

This will be a genuine historic event. This will be the very first live memory regression done on a qualified Bigfoot witness. Do not miss the chance to be there. Do not miss the chance to "see" every Bigfoot detail through an hypnotized witness. reserve you seat below.

DATE: Sunday, April 13th
TIME: 12:30-3:00
WHERE: NW Quimby Lucky Lab  | 1945 NW Quimby St. Portland, OR 97209
WHO: Doug Meacham and Guy Edwards

Our witness Glenn saw a Bigfoot twice in his life. Once in New York and another in Eugene, Oregon. We will go back into his subconscious and grab details his conscious has long forgotten. You will be able to watch live the research that Guy Edwards and Doug Meacham are conducting on multiple witnesses.

Below is a history of the type of hypnosis and protocol used to do memory regression.

In the late 1950’s hypnosis was considered one of the most valuable tools for recalling memories regarding UFO experiences, more specifically, recall with abduction experience. 
Memory is a very plastic thing.  Even with all our advancements in brain mapping and imaging we still don’t know how or where memories are stored.  We do know most everything we have experienced is stored in what we call long term memory.
Initially, there was no set protocol for regression work.  Consequently it was not uncommon to have the hypnotist ask questions which lead the subject in creative directions.
The initial protocol was established to minimize false memories and confabulation.  A strict set of questions was created and focused on having the subject recall the event with little or no interruptions from the facilitator. Some clarification could be interjected but only in the form of an open ended question such as; “And what’s happening now”.
Fast forward to the early 1980’s where several UCLA  researchers developed the Cognitive Interview, a tool used to establish accuracy in eyewitness accounts, mostly in law enforcement investigations. 
Along with hypnosis, the cognitive interview gives us a more defined structure and minimizes the possibility of leading questions and conjecture.  Hypnosis focuses the mind which provides access to memories and the interview structure verifies the content.
To get true memory recall, the subject must be in a somnambulistic (sleep walking) state.  Doug Meacham achieves this through the use of the Ultra Depth process.  Ultra Depth allows us to stage the subject in deep trance and bypass the conscious mind.  The subject is not asleep, only deeply relaxed and focused.  they are able to communicate, even open their eyes and remain in trance.  Doug is one of eleven individuals trained in this process in the United States and the only hypnotist certified and registered to practice Ultra Depth in Washington and Oregon.
Doug Meacham has a clinical practice in Gresham.  He is also a certified trainer offering classes in techniques to assist in the hypnotic experience. 

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